Sign-up Instructions

                                                        Basic Instructions

          Sign up as free affiliate.  

          Make your deposit & make at least one $9.97 purchase which upgrades you to Associate.

          Now you can see your money working for you within 24 hours.
          You are also, now qualified to make money on your referrals purchases!

                          VIDEO ON HOW TO MAKE A DEPOSIT  Click HERE        

                          VIDEO ON HOW TO MAKE A PURCHASE  Click HERE

          Use Payza, Ego Pay, or Solid Trust Pay or set any one of those online bank accounts up.   

           See  or   Simply follow the

          instructions on the site.  Call them if you have questions.  Takes a few minutes to set up.

          Payza is the easiest to set up and use for those in the US.  There are a few countries

          payza does not support yet. Call them to find out.  

          The more you spend... the more and faster you make money.

          Referrals are another way to get paid a lot of money quickly. You get 10% of whatever

          money they put in the system instantly.  You also get 10% of whatever their referrals put

          in the system instantly...and so on.  Example:  If someone puts $10,000 in the system

          that is an instant $1000 in your pocket.

          IMPORTANT: As stated make referral payout you must make 1 product liscence    

          purchase.  Make sure you do that before a referral puts money in the system in order to get   
          paid on referral puchases.
                                                          Live Examples!

           A member made a  $10,000 puchase and in two weeks ago and it has generated $50,000.

           A cosiderable amount of that was done as a result of the company profit shareing with him

           based on the purchases he made.  He is seeing around $3000 a day at this point. 

           Another member purchased  $580 shares a week and a half ago and the profit sharing has

           generated $2247 for him without referral profits.  12/17/12



                                                              Special Notes
          Note:  As of today all of the links needed to make money are live.  The company is 2 wks.
          into pre-launch.  The are a few remaining links that will come live soon.


          Note: Once you get your monetary outlay back...use profit to build income or refer people

          and make substantial money from referral payout.   IMPORTANT: To make referral

          payout you must make 1 product liscence purchase. Be sure to do that before a referral

          puts money in the system in order to get paid.



        Additional Support
        Wind Rider Group
        Sky Sirewest
        240 374 2639
        Get my digital business card
        TEXT word: funding
        TO number: 32516

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